Proven Performance

Our confidence in our expertise is backed up by a track record of happy clients.

“For quite some time, Lisa and I had been wanting to move into securing our financial futures beyond retirement. I was well aware that the longer you leave it, the harder it would be to reach your goal. The problem I had was I was time starved with work, kids, etc.

Financial advisor, Julian has been instrumental in where we now find ourselves. His wealth of knowledge and plain talking has educated me greatly. I now have the knowledge and the confidence to continue further investments. The feeling of you’re not doing this alone has allowed me to expand my comfort zone in terms of borrowing.

Lisa and I can now look forward to a more secure future since working with Pattersons.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Patterson team to anyone.”

Raymond and Lisa Clarke

“I have known Craig Patterson for more than eight years. As a Lawyer, I have acted for many clients who have been referred by Craig and his company. I have heard many of his clients say that they have been very impressed with his service.

He is always a gentleman and you could rely on his word. I have personally been very impressed by how successful he has been in his business. I like how very kind and supportive he is to his staff and clients.

I would recommend him and his business to any of my clients.”

Stephen Kannangara

“I have been doing work with Craig and the Patterson Wealth Partners team for around 2 years now. They refer a lot of their clients to me for accounting advice. In all aspects I have found them to be efficient, honest and knowledgeable.

The clients have also told me how impressed they are with the service and how easy it makes investing for them. They really care about their clients and want them to have a retirement plan in place.

There have been a couple of instances where the investors have had changes in their circumstances, e.g. become redundant, and Craig has let them out of their contracts. I find this very admirable as well as refreshing in these times.”

Raelene Rees

"I reached out to Patterson Wealth partners after receiving several recommendations from various business networks. Lisa and I are busy people and we were looking for someone to give us guidance around developing a financial plan, and to present investment options for exploration.

We found the process, the level of detail, and the transparent nature of the meetings exceptionally good which gave us confidence from the outset. I would highly recommend Craig and the team to anyone looking to plan or invest in their financial future, and I personally look forward to continuing our partnership with Patterson's." 

John Plato

"Being young investors it was a big step for us; however, Craig put us at ease and was so down to earth it made taking the first step a lot easier. We found Craig really easy to talk to. It felt like we were talking with a friend. The relationship didn't stop after our first meeting, we were able to call and discuss issues or questions that we had, we felt heard and that Jeremy and Craig actually cared about us as people."

D & P Duthie

"This whole process was utterly fantastic. Craig and Jeremy were relatable, down to earth and made us feel comfortable! The information given was life-changing and we left with an action plan in place for us leading up to retirement and beyond. We felt fully supported in taking the first step and they never made us feel silly about all the little questions we had. I am happy for Craig to give my number to anyone that would like to call me if they need a one on one chat."

J & C Struthers

“For some time, we had concerns over our lack of financial planning toward retirement. We had investigated financial planning services but had frequently come away with the feeling of being sold to rather than listened to. Fortunately, our experience with Pattersons was distinctly different.

Craig has established a culture of integrity, transparency and respect for clients’ financial security. We have developed a relationship based on trust and a dedication to improve our investment opportunities toward a more secure retirement.”

Jude & Ken Mackwell

"I talked to multiple financial advisors about my current loan structure and future investment goals but found it hard to get advice I trusted and felt confident in. Then I met with Craig and Marc from Patterson.

They went the extra mile, making sure they were familiar with every aspect of my investments (Kiwisaver, finance structure, mortgage broker, legal aspect, etc), and giving me advice on other parties to seek further advice from. They're efficient, trustworthy and their knowledge of the market is second to none - they've even helped me with a savings management plan to help me achieve my financial goals over the next two years!

I now look to Craig and his team for ongoing advice before making any financial decisions and fully understand my loan and limitations (which is invaluable to me).

Their honest and integrated approach has relieved a great deal of stress, leaving me feeling optimistic about my financial future."

Allie McLean

“I am a partner at Weston Ward & Lascelles, Barristers and Solicitors, and head its property/commercial division. As will be no surprise, I have, over my many years in the practice, come across a wide range of people involved in the “investment market” ranging from the “colourful”, to others more aptly described as complete rogues and charlatans.

As a consequence I have developed a degree of cynicism that is bordering on the palpable. I am however very pleased to say that during all these years I have acted for Patterson Wealth Partners, not once have I had cause to question Craig or Grant's ethics or fairness.

As his lawyer, I can honestly say Craig has often put his good name ahead of pure self interest and I think for this reason Pattersons is the company it is today.

I have a small portfolio of investments which I secured through Craig and Grant and continue to do business with them at a personal level.”

D J Houston

"We feel privileged and grateful to have met Craig and work with Patterson Wealth Partners, and to have them as a valued part of our team going forward. They're are a big part of our success and will continue to be. For this we are thankful."

Kathryn Marshall


"I found the team at Patterson Wealth Partners very competent and highly professional to deal with. From the warm greeting at reception, to the time spent with the advisors. The whole process was thorough.. yet simple to understand. Professional, competent, informative and friendly. Thank you PWP."

Dean Harrison

"I find Pattersons professional opinion and financial knowledge for their clients quite outstanding. They also have an amazing ability to source out the very best investments for their clients in the locations where there is the best capital appreciation. 
I find clients are always satisfied with their investments; the proof is when they return to reinvest with PWP."

Gavin Thompson

"I have known Craig for 8 years and have dealt with him and his investment company since its inception.
I have always found Craig and the Patterson Wealth Partners team beyond reproach and fully professional, trustworthy and reliable at all times.

Patterson’s success has largely come through referral work. Its clients have been so successful that they have had no hesitation in referring their own family and friends.

I have the utmost confidence in the advice and service that PWP provide to its clients and I have no hesitation in referring friends and family to Craig and his team for investment advice."

Graeme Odams

"Acting upon a recommendation from a good friend I contacted Craig from PWP with the desire to build my assets to suit my family, which started with a family home. I had a vision of what I wanted that included a wish list. Not only did I receive service that is second to none but I know Craig went above and beyond to ensure I got what I wanted.  Very professional and personal in my dealings with him and not once did he make me feel I was out of my element. I always pursue what I want and in getting a home that is perfect for my family Craig helped me to achieve this. I won't hesitate in recommending Patterson Wealth Partners to anyone else seeking the services they provide."

Martha Tuli

"Thank you so much for time and effort in helping my wife and I get in to the investment world.
Craig, your team were awesome the way they helped out organising and rearranging our finances to make this possible .
We look forward to investing further in the near future." 

Shaun Trask