Why you shouldn't believe everything you read

Jumping on google to hunt out all opinions is the best way to understand investing right?  

You’ll find a whole bunch of ‘do this, don’t do that. Invest in this, avoid that.’

Your next step will probably involve trawling Trade Me for a bargain do-up while skipping back to open tabs on the share markets latest unicorn stock, (followed by an additional google on ‘what unicorn stock means’). All this while trying to work out how the latest investment tidbit from your Uncle’s cousin relates to all of this from that conversation you had with him on the weekend. Because he’s got a few investments now, so he definitely knows.   


An onslaught of opinions can leave you feeling overwhelmed and will probably result in your investment kick off getting a big ol’ biff in to the too hard basket.


Don’t torment yourself. The one key takeaway from all your scrolling and searching is that there is no hard and fast rule for investing. Every situation is different. Everyone’s position and capabilities are different.


Sure, googling and article reading will give you the fundamentals and a basic understanding of investing so they are encouraged. But there’s no one size fits all financial plan, and some articles will have you believe their rules apply to all situations. Think of it like self diagnosis. Googling symptoms won’t get you a thought out conclusion on what your ailment is, or a personalised treatment plan to sort it out. It could even terrify you into thinking the end is nigh from that wee rash on your knee.


A financial advisor isn’t a sales rep. They are a navigator. Once they establish your current position they will work out the best way to move forward with your current position in mind. This means considering your financial capabilities, but also considering your family, lifestyle, attitude towards risk and return, and goals you wish to achieve in your set out timeframe.

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